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We tailor/ manufacture ao dai, vietnamese long dress, asia fashion & asia apparel    
We tailor/ manufacture ao dai, vietnamese long dress, asia fashion & asia apparel

Who is Aodai4u?

Aodai4u is a fashion shop established in 2000 and recently brought online in 2003 for developing. We're working with a network of best tailors and best fashion manufacturers in Vietnam.

Aodai4u's products & services

Our main service is to tailor ao dai - one of the best dresses in the world -, ao ba ba and other Vietnamese dresses. Besides, we supply a wide range of products from manufactured ao dai, casual wear, sleep wear to other Asian clothing including cheong sam, qi pao, asian style tops. We also provide wide range of silk so that if you can customise your taste of fashion.

Now we open our services to USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Beside the physical goods, what you also get from us is Oriental culture. If you love the beauty of fashion, the tender of Asian culture, you'll love our goods & services.

Our goals

For everything that we sell, we strictly monitor the quality. From sale cialis our point of view, quality is the most important thing that keeps the business alive and developing. We consider quality first thing. Any supplier that could not satisfy our quality demand, will be knocked off. So, buying from us, you can assure that you'll get quality.

Next, we care about price. Some customers spend hours on searching for bargains, some don't. However, whether you are looking for a bargain or not, you'll find that buying from us is very affordable. You may find somewhere else selling for less, but think twice for quality. Don't pay for cheap, pay for affordability & quality that we bring.

We agree that buying from us is not always cheap. However, we make sure that buying from us always means quality. Thanks for visiting our store. Happy shopping with us!

Mailing contact

Aodai4u Fashion Shop

34 Le Tu Tai Street

Phu Nhuan District - Hochiminh City


Online contact

For best communication, please contact us via email because of time zone difference.


We tailor and manufacture vietnamese ao dai, vietnamese long dress, chinese cheong sam, qi pao, asia fashion, asia clothing, asia apparel and other garments. If you are looking for a supplier of ao dai, vietnamese long dress, asia apparel, please contact us.
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